Virtual Assistant


With our virtual assistant we will give you the opportunity to outsource time-consuming work, so that you can concentrate fully on your main business. Our assistants can support you in professionally or private concerns fast, flexible and above all reliable.

High quality is our expectations of ourselves. Our staff is very well trained and have relevant professional experience. The tasks that you want to outsource to will be routed to experts who are experienced in your field and enrich your everyday life. Through regularly coachings and trainings our staff always is up to date so that we maintain the quality of our work at the highest level.

Before you decide for us, we give you the opportunity to talk to the assistant personally via Skype or telephone. This allows you to get an idea and will give the cooperation a personal note.

The following tasks our experts can take over for you:

  •  Research
  •  Database Management
  •  Customer Support
  •  Telephone service
  •  Social Media Management
  •  Travel planning and scheduling
  •  Presentations
  •  Writing texts
  •  Translations


If you need any further information or you are already interested in our service contact