Chef (Germany)

Workplace: Germany, Düsseldorf
12.00 gross / hour
55.00 per diem / day
required language
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Chef (Germany)

We offer:

  • employment under German conditions – German employer (not in delegation)
  • attractive pay EUR 12.00 gross / hour + EUR 55.00 per diem for each day worked
  • accommodation provided by Employer
  • fast recruitment process – formalities completed even in 2 days!
  • contributions and taxes paid in Germany by Employer
  • possibility of professional development and long-term cooperation
  • possibility to work overtime
  • support of our consultants in coordination of employment
  • possibility of regular visits to Poland
  • insurance for the Employee and his family
  • respected right to vacations
  • our services are free of charge (e.g. translation and professional preparation of your CV in German for the recruitment process)

The main tasks of the person employed include:

  • studying each recipe and gathering all necessary ingredients
  • cooking food in a timely manner
  • delegate tasks to kitchen staff
  • inform wait staff about daily specials
  • ensure appealing plate presentation
  • monitor food stock and place orders
  • check freshness of food and discard out-of-date items
  • ensure compliance with all health and safety regulations within the kitchen area


  • communicative German language skills (allowing you to communicate in the workplace)
  • experience in the above-mentioned position
  • driver’s license cat. B and car

The offer is addressed to men and women who meet the recruitment conditions.

Additional service:
We have also been providing German and Dutch tax and Kindergeld settlement services for 20 years. Call us and find out more!

  • Germany, Düsseldorf
  • 12.00 gross / hour
  • 55.00 per diem / day
  • provided
  • German
    required language

Pursuant to Article 6(1)(b) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the "Regulation"), I consent to the processing of my personal data in the recruitment process for the position for which I am applying or a position requiring similar qualifications. My consent covers the entire stage of the recruitment process announced and conducted by Ph. D. Dominik Matczak, who runs his business under the name SILVERHAND Dominik Matczak (Garbary 35/9, 61-868 Poznań, an employment agency entered in the KRAZ register under number 7822), who is also the Administrator of the personal data (hereinafter: "Silverhand" or "Administrator"). I am aware that the recruitment process in which I am taking part is being conducted on behalf of a prospective employer located in Poland or in the EU/EEA, who has commissioned Silverhand to perform services. I also give my consent for the needs of future recruitment processes conducted within a period of 7 years from the date of submission of my application documents, with the exception of a situation where the recruitment contract will be further executed or the Administrator will be obliged to process (including storing) the data on the basis of universally binding legal regulations. I agree to the transfer of personal data specified in Article 22 (1) § 1 of the Polish Labour Code (name, surname, date of birth, contact details indicated by me, e.g. phone number, e-mail address, education, information about professional qualifications and the course of previous employment). Voluntarily and on my own initiative, I also agree to the processing of personal data referred to in Art. 22 (1) §3 of the Polish Labour Code, as well as the following information belonging to a special category of personal data within the meaning of Art. 9 of the Regulation: address of residence or domicile, PESEL no., series and no. of identity card, all the information contained in the document of identity card, driving licence or other documents confirming my other skills, marital status, number and details of children, number of bank account to which the future employer will transfer remuneration for work, photograph showing my image and information regarding my health condition. However, I would like to emphasise that I am aware that neither Silverhand, nor the future or potential employer can require me to give such consent at the recruitment stage (special category of data), nor make the outcome of the recruitment conditional on it. I understand and acknowledge that the lack of consent to the processing of personal data or the withdrawal of such consent shall not be a basis for unfavourable treatment of an applicant for employment, nor shall it cause any negative consequences to the applicant, in particular, it shall not constitute a reason justifying the refusal of employment, termination of the employment contract or its termination without notice by the employer. I also undertake not to provide Silverhand with my personal data relating to convictions and infringements of the law within the meaning of Article 10 of the Regulation, whether or not I have previously been convicted. I acknowledge and agree that Ph. D. Dominik Matczak has authorised all persons employed by him on the basis of an employment contract, contract of mandate, contract for specific work or managerial contract to process my personal data (the list of such persons can be found on the website - in the "About us" tab and is limited to branches in Poznań, Ostrów Wielkopolski). At the same time I know that I have the right to access and correct my personal data and to withdraw my consent to the processing of my personal data at any time, which I can exercise by sending the relevant request to, and that providing my personal data was completely voluntary. I also know that I can object to the processing of my personal data and file a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection. Should I have any doubts concerning my personal data, I will contact their Administrator, Ph. D. Dominik Matczak, by sending an e-mail to; by traditional mail to the address of the employment agency Silverhand or by telephone at +48539601600.

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