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Paulina Ławniczak
Paulina Ławniczak
Oddział Ostrów Wielkopolski

At SILVERHAND I work as HR Assistant in our company branch in Ostrow Wielkopolski.

My current work enables me to balance my family and professional life. At SILVERHAND I am responsable for candidates's recruitment, arranging phone and in-person job interviews, as well as adjusting the job offer according to the preferences of the candidates.

Being a part of SILVERHAND gives me a possibility to know better the specific of international recruitment projects, especially from the expert point of view and to be up date with current HR trends in the labour market. What I like mostly about my job is the fact that we help the candidates improve their life standards, develop their careers and fulfill their dreams about thrilling trips to foreign countries like for example Iceland or Canada. This is a kind of sense of the mission to work with people and for people, which I would never change for anything else.

In the focus of my hobbies there is always my family with whom I spend every free moment. From time to time I like going to gym and doing DYI.