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About us

Who are we?

The SILVERHAND Group includes employment agencies from Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Croatia. For companies seeking employees, this means that the recruitment process can be conducted simultaneously in almost all Eastern European countries. We respond to your needs faster than 90% of agencies. Test us, don't wait!

Over 20,000 skilled workers recruited from Eastern Europe

700 Tsd.

applicants in our database



We regularly recruit for clients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, France, and Canada.

Order our service

Step by step

  • 1 Step

    Describe your requirements (skills, German language proficiency, car) and your offer (salary, work location, accommodation costs, distance).

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  • 2 Step

    We will present you with an offer for our services. Upon agreement, we will send you the contract for acceptance. Subsequently, we will conclude a data protection agreement for applicants. Our contracts are very short and clear.

  • 3 Step

    We begin the recruitment process, conduct interviews with potential candidates, and, if necessary, launch additional marketing campaigns to find the ideal candidate. Once we have found him/her, we will send you their CV in German.

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  • 4 Step

    The candidate will be handed over to you. Based on the provided profile, you can ask them additional questions and verify the data. If everything is in order, we will assist in clarifying the necessary details and organizing the trip.

We strive to find the right employee for you within a few days. Success often depends on the financial attractiveness of the offer and the location of the workplace. Our experience also shows that higher language requirements for candidates can make it more difficult to quickly place a suitable employee.

Experienced and dedicated team

Our team of over 60 dedicated professionals does its best to meet our clients' expectations optimally. Since most of our employees speak German fluently, the entire recruitment process as well as the subsequent support of the employees runs smoothly and efficiently.


Our team


Recruiters working for you every day

The success of the SILVERHAND Group would not have been possible without hard work and absolute adherence to the highest ethical standards—the principles of honesty, responsibility, and respect for people.

Every day, we ensure that the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients are at the highest level.

SILVERHAND Code of Ethics

We follow the principle "Work is not a product" because we know that every person is unique and requires an individual approach in their job search. In practice, this means that our applicants can count on the full support of our experts.