About US

SILVERHAND is one of the most innovative and fast developing among Central and Eastern Europe Region recruitment agencies which operates internationally. Our team consists of 50 well-qualified, enthusiastic persons due to whom thousands of people found a work abroad and achieved their goals which where before out of their financial reach.


The headquarters is located in Poznan. Candidates interested in finding a work via SILVERHAND can meet us in Warsaw, Cracow but as well in Ostrow Wielkopolski. We are present also in Romania (3 branches), Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria.


Together with our business partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, France and Canada, we complete successfully large scale recruitment projects for such companies as BMW, Audi, VW, BASF, IKEA, Douglas and hundreds other small-sized regional enterprises.


Our success was possible only because of our involvement and adherence to the highest ethical standards – honesty, responsibility and respect for people. The core value of SILVERHAND is reflected in its slogan “work is not a product” (derived from Declaration of Philadelphia created by International Labour Organization).


SILVERHAND strives to be a recruitment agency with human face, meaning that it does not treat candidates as a product to sell, but as people who rely on its services to provide them a safe and long-term job abroad and in Poland. Recruited candidates can always expect from us a transparent presentation of job offer (including remuneration, accommodation and legal form of employment).


On behalf of the entire Team, We invite you to cooperation – the Managing Partners,
dr Dominik Matczak, LL.M. and Natalia Matczak

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