Frequently Asked Questions

Is knowledge of a foreign language required to work abroad through SILVERHAND?

Most job offers are aimed at people who know German or English at a communicative level. However, there are vacancies for which candidates can apply without knowing any foreign languages. This mainly applies to positions in the production and logistics industry. Information on language requirements is always properly communicated in the job offer.

What documents do I need to go to work abroad?

When planning a trip abroad and starting work abroad, you must have a valid ID card or a valid passport. A current B driving license is also required for most job vacancies. If you have already worked in a given country, the employer may additionally ask you to provide documents or identification data that were obtained during your last employment in that country, e.g. Icelandic Kennital Identification Number, Norwegian Temporary D-Nummer Identification Number, Dutch BSN Identification Number or Danish CPR identification number. Having such data or documents related to previous employment in a given country is a great help in the case of subsequent employment and means less formalities.

Who do I sign an employment contract with?

The employment contract is signed with a foreign employer operating in a given country.

Do I have to look for accommodation on my own when working abroad?

One of the most important issues when going abroad to work is booking accommodation. Foreign employers with whom we cooperate always organize accommodation for our employees, so as to relieve them from looking for accommodation on their own, which is a great time saving. Often the cost of accommodation is fully covered by the employer. If the Employee covers the cost, the Employer deducts the cost from the salary every month, so that the Employee does not have to pay for the night in advance upon arrival. If the cost of accommodation is not deducted from the salary, then we inform you about how much he will have to pay for e.g. the first 2-3 days or a maximum of a week, after the first week the Candidate has the option of receiving an advance payment or may receive a transfer with the diets earned in the previous week, so that he can cover the cost of the accommodation.

How will I commute to work?

The employer’s goal is to find accommodation that is as close as possible to the place of work. Undoubtedly, a potential employee’s own car is a very big advantage, so that he or she can commute to work on a daily basis. If the candidate, however, does not have the possibility to travel with his own car, but has a driving license and is the so-called active driver, then it is possible to travel by a company car. This option occurs, among others for job offers in the Netherlands or Norway. In addition to your own or company car, you can travel to work by public transport or even by bike, which is the favorite means of transport in the Netherlands.

Does the SILVERHAND Employment Agency stay in touch with me after coming to work?

The Silverhand Employment Agency is in constant contact with employed employees. Our recruiters are available to help in every matter. An employee staying abroad can count on our support.

How often can I come to Poland?

Under the foreign employment contract, the employee is entitled to paid leave. Additionally, in Germany and Finland there is a so-called working hours bank, where working hours are collected that the employee may set aside for free time. In Norway, work in a rotational system is popular, the employee works for example for 6 weeks and then returns home for 2 weeks. Working abroad does not have to be associated with longing for loved ones or giving up spending time with family.

How much will my net rate in Germany be if I only know the gross rate?

There are different tax classes in Germany. It is best to calculate the salary using a gross-net calculator.

What is the allowance in Germany and when is it paid?

The diet is a cash equivalent. It is a compensation for the Employee’s living and travel costs abroad. It is given in job offers as follows: salary EUR 11.60 gross / hour + EUR 40.00 daily allowance.

What is Zeitkonto?

Zeitkonto is a bank of hours. When working in Germany, overtime is not paid out immediately, but is accumulated in the hours bank. These hours can be exchanged for days off or they can be paid as wages.

What allowances and benefits can I count on when working abroad?

The allowances and benefits depend on the country where you start working. We have articles on our website that describe the issues of social benefits in individual countries, incl. Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands.

When working abroad, is it possible to work more hours than the standard one, i.e. overtime?

The possibility of working overtime has a direct impact on the amount of earned remuneration. Therefore, in our job offers we communicate whether the employee will be able to work more than the regular working time provides. Additional working hours are paid and optional.

Is it possible to work in pairs / teams / larger groups?

In the case of job offers for construction electricians, it is possible to work in a team, the same is the case with job offers for plumbers or formwork carpenters. More and more often, cooperating foreign employers are willing to employ teams or couples in the logistics or production industry. We encourage you to follow our job offers on an ongoing basis.

How quickly can I expect a response from Silverhand?

The recruitment process is carried out very efficiently and contains relatively few formalities. We are here for you and we will help you at every stage of looking for a job, signing a contract and working with the employer. If the candidate meets the requirements for a given position, he can expect approval within 2 working days.

How can I apply for job offers?

The fastest way to apply for a job is to find a suitable job on our website and fill out the form, which you are redirected to via the “Apply Now” button. It is also possible to send your CV directly to the e-mail address: praca@silverhand.eu. If you have any questions, please contact us via the fanpage on Facebook or by phone at +48 539 601 600.