We will find you employees! 

Technical staff and helpers with English skills from Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Leave us a message and we will contact you!

Experience + numbers say more than a thousand words

Since a long time we’ve specialized in international recruitment. Already this year we’ve recruited almost 1.000 employees to the companies in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland and Cyprus.

Our HR-Team + your employees

Our HR-Team consists of 40 Recruiters. There is nothing impossible for us in recruiting: from technical stuff and helpers for industries, logistics, and production through hotel and kitchen stuff till IT-Specialists.

Database + ingenious Marketing

We’ve got a big database with almost 200.000 candidates, which we continuously extend. Thanks to our active and innovative Marketing you can find us everywhere – on the biggest job portals and on Facebook with almost 50.000 Likes!